Installing Docker and Docker Compose on LEAP 15.2

I was following a tutorial and it said the Docker Compose package was called docker-compose but when I used YAST Software Manager I could only find python2-docker-compose and python3-docker-compose. If I install python3-docker-compose is that the proper Docker Compose package on LEAP 15.2? I really need to learn Docker and Kubernetes.

Any help is really appreciated.

The python3 package should be the right one. Python 2 is being phased out anyway.

A word of caution, though: if you want to learn, then skip docker-compose. Kubernetes has basically nothing in common with docker-compose. Do the usual docker stuff and deploy manually or via shell scripts.

Once you got the basics of containers, go right for kubernetes. Most people use minikube for local kubernetes. Personally, I prefer Rancher deployed to a single VM.

Thank you for the helpful answer. I’ve done what you suggested and ignored docker-compose completely. I had a look at minikube and it says it uses a VM. Does it create the VM itself or should I use KVM and QEMU first and then install Minikube? I heard SUSE bought Rancher from news on their website so that might be the best solution in the future I guess but I couldn’t find it in the official repos yet.

yes, run it in a virtual machine. There used to be prefab vm images with minikube but I cannot find them anymore. There are, however, bootstrap cloud images that can be used as base. Every linux distribution has those. For 15.2 see here

Use the Openstack ones in either qcow2 format for libvirtd/qemu/kvm or the vhd format with virtualbox. That saves you the pain of installing the OS manually. If you want to get real pro, you would install terraform-provider-libvirt and bring up the vm with terraform. But keep that for later. Remenber to use overlays or snapshots with the vm, so you can reset to a previous state.

You could, in fact, run minikube or rancher directly on your computer. But I would not recommend it as kubernetes creates tons of files and cleanup would be cumbersome.