Installing Dell OMSA 7.2 on OpenSUSE 12.2 Hardware Info not displaying

Using (as of Feb 12 2013) as a guide and on the recommendation of the forum posting I add this post in case its useful to the editors of the wiki page or helps another user install dell hardware management software on OpenSUSE 12.2

The instructions were well written, easy to follow and worked on 12.2 except when it came to hardware reporting in OMSA and that was easy to resolve and may be down to user error.

Issue after following the instructions: No Hardware Details shown in OMSA 7.2

Dell OMSA 7.2.x installed and link created on desktop. After modifying firewalls to allow the port required I was able to open & login but the hardware installed was not detected or displayed in the left side navigation tree. The OS details were populated but no RAM, CPU, Disk, Fans, Virtual Disks, Controllers or channels were displaying.

How to resolve this.
Following the instructions of requiring the uname26 wrapper to detect hardware I went looking for it but found the sym link was broken for /usr/bin/uname26
uname26 was in “/root” but the sym link pointed to “/” so moved the file and corrected the link before reloaded the systemd config

Thanks for the tip :slight_smile: