Installing codecs documentation

Looking at the documentation on installing codecs,
it suggests installing opi and pacman which are 2 package managers. Is it correct for 15.4 ?

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The documentation is suggesting that, the “opi” should be installed.

  • Which will then add the Packman repository to the systems list of repositories.

You can then, with the CLI of the user “root”, execute –

# opi codecs

which will then install the Packman versions of the codecs listed.

  • Please note that, the codecs in the Packman repository are not hampered by the legal limitations of the equivalent codecs in the openSUSE repositories.
    Which may have other implications, depending on where you’re located on this planet …

Please also note that, the codecs being installed by opi will not alleviate the issue of Firefox and MP$/H.264 video support –

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opi is NOT a package manager. It helps searching and installing packages, but you still manage those package afterwards with zypper and/or YaST > Software (which both are package managers and more).

Packman is NOT a package manager. It is a repository and contains packages you might or might not want to install.

I understand.