installing bastet testris

First I just just want to say hi to everyone and thanks in advance for your help. After years of going back and forth from Debian testing/unstable and other distos, I decided to give Opensuse a go and the experience has been great so far. The only setback I would say is the lack of choices in the main repos.

Now, I’m currently trying to install Bastet, and can’t seem to figure out what is going on. I’m running Leap 42.2 64bit and have a lack of experience when it come to installing from source.

Now these are the needed dependencies from the README
Boost (libboost-dev + libboost-program-options-dev), ncurses (libncurses-dev).

Here are the libboost dependencies I have installed

sudo zypper search libboost | grep 'i |'
i | libboost_atomic1_61_0                | Run-Time component of boost atomic library            | package
i | libboost_chrono1_61_0                | The Boost::Chrono runtime library                     | package
i | libboost_container1_61_0             | Boost::Container Runtime libraries                    | package
i | libboost_context1_61_0               | Run-Time component of boost context switching library | package
i | libboost_coroutine1_61_0             | Boost::Coroutine Runtime libraries                    | package
i | libboost_date_time1_54_0             | Boost::Date.Time Runtime libraries                    | package
i | libboost_date_time1_61_0             | Boost::Date.Time Runtime libraries                    | package
i | libboost_filesystem1_54_0            | Boost::Filesystem Runtime Libraries                   | package
i | libboost_filesystem1_61_0            | Boost::Filesystem Runtime Libraries                   | package
i | libboost_graph1_61_0                 | Boost::Graph Runtime Libraries                        | package
i | libboost_graph_parallel1_61_0        | Boost graph::distributed runtime libraries            | package
i | libboost_iostreams1_54_0             | Boost::IOStreams Runtime Libraries                    | package
i | libboost_iostreams1_61_0             | Boost::IOStreams Runtime Libraries                    | package
i | libboost_locale1_61_0                | The Boost::Locale runtime library                     | package
i | libboost_log1_61_0                   | Run-Time component of boost logging library           | package
i | libboost_math1_61_0                  | Boost::Math Runtime Libraries                         | package
i | libboost_mpi1_61_0                   | Boost::MPI Runtime libraries                          | package
i | libboost_program_options1_61_0       | Boost::ProgramOptions Runtime libraries               | package
i | libboost_python1_61_0                | Boost::Python Runtime Libraries                       | package
i | libboost_python3-1_61_0              | Boost::Python Runtime Libraries                       | package
i | libboost_random1_61_0                | The Boost::Random runtime library                     | package
i | libboost_regex1_61_0                 | The Boost::Regex runtime library                      | package
i | libboost_serialization1_61_0         | Boost::Serialization Runtime Libraries                | package
i | libboost_signals1_61_0               | Boost::Signals Runtime Libraries                      | package
i | libboost_system1_54_0                | Boost::System Runtime Libraries                       | package
i | libboost_system1_61_0                | Boost::System Runtime Libraries                       | package
i | libboost_test1_61_0                  | Boost::Test Runtime Libraries                         | package
i | libboost_thread1_54_0                | Boost::Thread Runtime Libraries                       | package
i | libboost_thread1_61_0                | Boost::Thread Runtime Libraries                       | package
i | libboost_timer1_61_0                 | The Boost::Timer runtime library                      | package
i | libboost_wave1_61_0                  | Boost::Wave Runtime Libraries                         | package

Here are the ncurses

sudo zypper search ncurses | grep 'i |'
i | libncurses5              | The New curses Libraries                                  | package
i | libncurses6              | The New curses Libraries                                  | package
i | libyui-ncurses-devel     | Libyui-ncurses header files                               | package
i | libyui-ncurses-pkg7      | Libyui - yast2 package selector widget for the ncurses UI | package
i | libyui-ncurses7          | Libyui - Character Based User Interface                   | package
i | ncurses-devel            | Include Files and Libraries mandatory for Development     | package
i | ncurses-utils            | Tools using the new curses libraries                      | package

Here is the output after I run make

Makefile:20: depend: No such file or directory
g++ -MM Ui.cpp Block.cpp Well.cpp BlockPosition.cpp Config.cpp BlockChooser.cpp BastetBlockChooser.cpp main.cpp Test.cpp> depend
g++ -DNDEBUG -Wall   -c -o Ui.o Ui.cpp
In file included from /usr/include/boost/tr1/tr1/unordered_set:9:0,
                 from BastetBlockChooser.hpp:26,
                 from Ui.cpp:22:
/usr/include/boost/tr1/detail/config_all.hpp:164:41: fatal error: ../4.8.5/utility: No such file or directory
 #  include BOOST_TR1_STD_HEADER(utility)
compilation terminated.
<builtin>: recipe for target 'Ui.o' failed
make: *** [Ui.o] Error 1

Now I’m not really sure if I have the right dependencies for libboost installed because I’m not sure if any of the packages installed provide the dev packages (I’m assuming they don’t). Are their any repos that may provide them?

Sorry for what seems like a dumb question but I can’t seem to figure this out. Thanks in advanced

Hi and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:
By the looks you have confused the system by installing unnecessary build dependencies, since by default only the 1.54 version is installed, so you only need boost-devel, ncurses-devel (which match the released version) and gcc-c++.

Anyway, look here and test this package, and if ok, will submit to the games repo…

Build info;

Download from here (once built);

Wow, thanks man. haha, most of those where already installed. I thought that boost-devel might have been a wrong version or something. Live and learn.
Thanks for making the rpm. It works perfectly.