Installing Audex CD Ripper on LEAP 42.1

I am running LEAP 42.1 64 bit with KDE5 plasma desktop. I am trying to find a CD ripper that meets my needs. Asunder is good but even in slow mode I have one track on sample CD which throws up errors. K3b works OK and does not give any errors on the difficult track but does not create a directory for the album.
I thought I would give some other rippers a trial starting with Audex. Installed from openSUSE repo with dependencies using Yast but when I close Yast I cannot find Audex. Audex is a KDE4 application but if in LEAP 42.1 repo it should pull in all required dependencies. Any suggestions as to what is wrong please? Could it be that Audex uses CLI? I guess that is it.
Does anybody have any good ripping suggestions please?

I use K3B. To get the album directory, I click the checkbox for “Create m3u playlist”. This enables the “Use relative paths” checkbox, which I also click on. This gives me a directory for the CD, and a playlist (outside of the album directory, of course). I always liked Grip, but can’t find it for LEAP 42.1, and K3B was there anyway, so I tried that. The first time I mistakenly chose to create one big MP3 - don’t do thatlol!

Edit: I also found the settings for the Lame encoder (the button next to it in the combobox that shows the “Lame” encoder (or plugin?)), and added “-b 256” (without the double quotes) to the command line, since it creates MP3s at 128k by default. Not sure if you do MP3, though.