Installing audacious requires lots of extra development packages

So, I wanted to install audacious audio player on my Tumbleweed machine and zypper told me The following 111 NEW packages are going to be installed :rofl:. Many of them are development packages and I don’t see why. The exact outputs are:

The following 3 recommended packages were automatically selected:
  audacious-plugins-extra qt6-imageformats qt6-translations

The following 111 NEW packages are going to be installed:
  at-spi2-core-devel audacious audacious-plugins audacious-plugins-extra cmake cmake-full cmake-man dbus-1-devel fcitx5-qt6
  glib2-devel libaudcore5 libaudgui5 libaudqt2 libaudtag3 libb2-1 libcue2 libdrm-devel libFcitx5Qt6DBusAddons1 libffi-devel
  libglvnd-devel libjsoncpp25 libjsoncpp25-x86-64-v3 libmms0 libmount-devel libpciaccess-devel libpcre2-32-0 libpcre2-posix3
  libQt6Core6 libQt6DBus6 libQt6Gui6 libQt6LabsAnimation6 libQt6LabsFolderListModel6 libQt6LabsQmlModels6 libQt6LabsSettings6
  libQt6LabsSharedImage6 libQt6LabsWavefrontMesh6 libQt6Network6 libQt6OpenGL6 libQt6OpenGLWidgets6 libQt6Qml6 libQt6QmlCore6
  libQt6QmlLocalStorage6 libQt6QmlModels6 libQt6QmlWorkerScript6 libQt6QmlXmlListModel6 libQt6Quick6 libQt6QuickControls2-6
  libQt6QuickControls2Impl6 libQt6QuickDialogs2-6 libQt6QuickDialogs2QuickImpl6 libQt6QuickDialogs2Utils6 libQt6QuickEffects6
  libQt6QuickLayouts6 libQt6QuickParticles6 libQt6QuickShapes6 libQt6QuickTemplates2-6 libQt6QuickTest6 libQt6Sql6 libQt6Svg6
  libQt6SvgWidgets6 libQt6Test6 libQt6WaylandClient6 libQt6WaylandCompositor6 libQt6WaylandEglClientHwIntegration6
  libQt6WaylandEglCompositorHwIntegration6 libQt6Widgets6 libQt6WlShellIntegration6 librhash1 libselinux-devel libsepol-devel
  libsidplayfp6 libX11-devel libXau-devel libxcb-devel libxcb-screensaver0 libxcb-xf86dri0 libxcb-xtest0 libxcb-xvmc0
  libXext-devel libXfixes-devel libXi-devel libxkbcommon-devel libXrandr-devel libXrender-devel libXtst-devel Mesa-KHR-devel
  Mesa-libEGL-devel Mesa-libGL-devel ninja pcre2-devel qt6-base-common-devel qt6-core-devel qt6-dbus-devel
  qt6-declarative-imports qt6-gui-devel qt6-imageformats qt6-macros qt6-networkinformation-glib qt6-networkinformation-nm
  qt6-network-tls qt6-platformtheme-gtk3 qt6-svg-devel qt6-translations qt6-wayland qt6-widgets-devel typelib-1_0-Atk-1_0
  typelib-1_0-Atspi-2_0 vulkan-devel vulkan-headers wayland-devel xorgproto-devel

111 new packages to install.
Overall download size: 44.9 MiB. Already cached: 0 B. After the operation, additional 195.8 MiB will be used.
Continue? [y/n/v/...? shows all options] (y):

zypper info told me, however, that audacious only takes 293.2 KiB of space after installation, rather than 195.8 MiB.

Can this be a packaging error?

Yeah, I know, zypper info tells the single package size, not all of its dependencies. Jokes aside, audacious shouldn’t depend on cmake or ninja, right?

Man zypper shows the mighty zypper in —no-recommends

If you want that to be a permanent setting, read up at zypp.conf and adapt it properly.

The packages in your case are brought in by the qt6 package as dependency. Audacity „requires“ non of them…

And please don‘t truncate terminal output. You omitted the initial command…

We have no idea what package(s) you tried to install. You did not show the command invocation.

The OP is talking about installing audacious, not audacity:

Audacious is an audio player. It is based on Qt and supports a wide range of audio codecs. It still features an alternative skinned user interface (based on Winamp 2.x skins). Historically, it started as a fork of a fork of XMMS.

Yeah, it was a typo…and?

Just making sure anyone else doesn’t misunderstand as they try to help out. Also, not aware it was a typo or a misunderstanding on your part. Just for the benefit of the thread, not a personal poke at you.

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