installing ati graphics card

i am a fresh and new user to linux who started to use suse11.i am having ati graphics card for my product but don’t how to install it.i downloaded the driver from my vendor’s website.i double clicked the driver but it is not installed like windows.please tell me how to install it.

From which site have you downloaded this driver?
Look Linux is not windows and all fuctions are different. I know that you are new in openSUSE, but you must forget the windows way of installation.

To install a programm

# zypper install <program>

To install a repository

# zypper addrepo -f <url of repository>
# zypper refresh

Hello.i had downloaded a separate driver for suse11 from my product vendor’s site.please tell me what is program and what is repository?i downloaded the driver named .tar archive.i extracted that archive.i found two rpm packages.what should i do after?please help me.

Program for opensuse is for example (only) vlc.
Repository is a group of programmes which update, upgrade etc themselves. If you go to yast–>software–>software repositories, you will see them. For example pacman is a repository. It is the package manager of your system. About drivers responsible is oldcpu. Because driver is also a repository and it has some libraries who you must install, I have written about the installation process. But which driver you must install oldcpu knows.

Please tell me how to install a software or did not write in your reply how to install that ati desktop is so ugly without linux desktop effects to enable that i should install that driver.please help me.i request you.

You can try to read this guide… it helped me when I first install my linux. It can help you understand the way you install stuff…

openSUSE Graphic Card Practical Theory Guide for Users