Installing ATH9K Support In OpenSuse 11.x

How would I go about compiling/installing support for these new OSS Atheros Drivers?

Will Suse include these in the Kernel?

If so when?


Ps Do these drivers include 802.11n dual band support?

Thanks in advance

If you don’t know about this here are the details. If you don’t know you should be reading Slashdot: News for nerds, stuff that matters

ath9k - Linux Wireless

Did I like ask something impossible?


Hi there,
I dont know if im already to late but I was able to compile the ath9k driver. I downloaded the latest compit source and made
make install
The module loaded fine and I had a reply with ifconfig,
However I was not able to make a connection to my router.
Have you better results?

Thx Alex

I have a working system using a dlink DIR-655 and a DWA-645

This is on a SUSE 11.0
With the kernel recompiled as per

  1. ath9k - Linux Wireless
    NOTE: The only instruction here I did not do was
    Device Drivers —>
    [li] Network device support —>
    [/li] Wireless LAN —>
    <M> Atheros 802.11n wireless cards support
    I could not find the last statement.
    It all seems to work though.

  2. Download - Linux Wireless
    NOTE: There are two drivers depending on your kernel

  3. You also have to delete your current wireless config using YAST-NetworkDevices-NetworkCards. I assume you know how to do this.

4)PLUS I was using WEP which does not work, switched to WPA no problem

These modules were loaded.

ath9k 245532 0
mac80211 226664 1 ath9k
cfg80211 34824 1 mac80211
led_class 9732 1 ath9k

So I now have

Number Of Wireless Clients: 1
SSID MAC Address IP Address Mode Rate (Mbps) Signal (%)
dlink 001B11xxxxxx 802.11n (2.4GHz) 130 76

So while it is nice to get above 100Mbs the two devices are only about 3 meters apart. Well short of the advertised 300Mb.
Still, I am using an older kernel and the compat_old ath9k, so I would expect some improvement when I get an upgraded kernel.

The only issue I have come accross so far(after about 3 hours) is that the link appeared to go to sleep.
did a ifdown wlan0 and a ifup wlan0 aand the link was back.


While my previous statement is largely correct I found that the wpa-suppplicant was causing the link to drop out periodically.

I eventually switched to the 2.6.28-rc6-wl kernel and recompiled that with the relevant options set in the .config file(see ath9k site for details).
The good news is that all the problems I had went away:) I am now getting a 100% signal and a 300Mbs rate.
The link will go for hours unless…

The bad news is my system freezes with the caps lock light flashing. It seems as if it has something to do with ssh(but I have not convinced myself yet).
I ran for over three hours using krdc to manage a remote machine. I changed to using NX and lasted 10mins.

After travelling the web for the last 4/5days it appears as if there are 100s of people with this freeze problem with the newer kernels. I think I would have a nice system here if it was fixed:)

Running SUSE 11.0 with the substituted kernel.

The bad news is that the lockups experienced by a lot of people were the result of the driver.
The good news is that it appears to be fixed.
I have been up for over an hour(previous record was about 10mins) on a 2.6.28-rc7-wl kerenel.
Note this is rc7, rc6 did not work.
So basically I am running with SUSE 11.0 with the above kernel replacing the original.

Also note this is a 11N network. Mbs signal
dlink 001B11E99999 802.11n (2.4GHz)270 100
dlink 000FB5888888 802.11g 54 100

For those that may not know Atheros have decided to provide a driver and support for their chips. So make sure the card you buy has one:) The Driver I am using is the ath9k.
No more ndiswrapper:)