installing applications


I am quite new to Linux and am currently running OpenSUSE 11.2

How do I install applications off the DVD?

I tried going to Yast → add Packages
Then I select the DVD.

But most applications i want to install are being downloaded from online repos.

Does the OpenSUSE 11.2 DVD have kernel-source?


The source of the kernel (and other packages for that matter) can be found on a dvd or cd. There are also several different pre-compiled kernels available, which might be more convenient to use (read: for sure:))than customizing and compiling your own.

In general it is better to install from some online repo if you can, because you will get the latest and greatest version so you don’t have to update it later and you don’t have to carry a dvd with you all the time. Nowadays you can even do “Debian style” online dist-upgrades between versions, tested it and it works great.

When you installation functioned correct the standard repositories would be there and enabled. The DVD should have been disabled. When in doubt check with YaST > Software > Repositories.

Software installation is done YaST > Software > Software Management (not ‘add Packages’ whatever that may be).

I doubt if the Kernel source is on the DVD, but it is definitely on the OSS repos.

Thanks I was able to get everything I need off the DVD.

I live in South Africa, and our bandwidth here is quite expensive.

I am doing a migration and do not want to download everything, as there are many workstations.

thanks again

But remember that on the network repos the software (espcialy KDE) is much newer and more stable.

On line repos are IMHO the best places to get your applications.

Just head over to YaST → Software → Software Repositories. Then, in the menu: Configured Software Repositories-> Repositories… Now hit the Add → Community Repositories. You should already have selected Main Repository (OSS), and Main Repository (Non-OSS), and Main Update Repository. You can deselect (disable) your DVD drive as a repository. And I recommend you also add Packman Repository.

So when you are done, only keep active OSS, Non-OSS, Update and Packman. Just those 4. No others. None. Nadda. ONLY OSS, Non-OSS, Update and Packman. I can NOT over emphasize that. If for some reason you MUST get an application that is not on those 4 repos but are on another repos, then add the additional repos, install the application, and IMMEDIATELY remove the other repos. If you do otherwise as a new user I would be willing to be money on you having problems (and I would be able to take a nice exotic vacation from my earnings. :slight_smile: ).

Reference multimedia, note that applications packaged and in place on the videolan repository are notorious for not working with packman packaged applications, and hence my recommendation is to ONLY obtain the rpm libdvdcss from videolan and no others, and DO NOT keep the videolan repository in your active repository list.

It (the DVD) does for the ( ? ) kernel, but not for the updated kernel that is in the update repository.

If you want the kernel-source to rebuild a driver, I recommend you install kernel-source, kernel-syms (both of the SAME version as your kernel) and also linux-kernel-headers and select the “base developement pattern” under YaST Software Management and install that (its a BIG download).

Good luck and welcome to openSUSE.