installing appliance from USB to HDD fails

openSuse 13.1 (oem)
Toshiba P200-10a (not modified)


did anyone ever get managed a clear installation onto Harddisc?
I play around with SuseStudio since a year, everything works as long as we dont talk about yast-live-installer.

So what happens?
the appliance is written using:

sudo dd if=/MyAppliance.i686-0.0.1.raw of=/dev/sdh bs=4M

it boots up and seems working good. Finaly i go through YaST2 to the YaST-Live-Installer and complete the whole installation process.
Where i set:

sda1 350 MB /boot
sda2 50 GB /
sda3 6 GB /swap
sda4 143 GB

shutting System Down → Remove USB Stick → Grub2 boots successfull:

I see, (sometimes) 3 overlapping green loading bars on the bottom of the Screen
and sometimes just the generic openSuse background image (with the “build with suse studio” brand).
Thats all. Nothing happens anymore.
If i press F2, i come to a console screen that says:

Trying manual resume from /dev/disk/by-id/usb-SanDisk_Cruzer(a looong number)DEB-0:0-part2
resume device /dev/disk/by-id/usb-SanDisk_Cruzer(a looong number)DEB-0:0-part2 not found (ignoring)
Trying manual resume from /dev/disk/by-id/usb-SanDisk_Cruzer(a looong number)DEB-0:0-part2
resume device /dev/disk/by-id/usb-SanDisk_Cruzer(a looong number)DEB-0:0-part2 not found (ignoring)

Waiting for device /dev/disk/by-id/usb-SanDisk_Cruzer(a looong number)DEB-0:0-part1 to appear ..................................................
Could not find /dev/disk/by-id/usb-SanDisk_Cruzer(a looong number)DEB-0:0-part1

Want me to fall back to /dev/disk/by-id/usb-SanDisk_Cruzer(a looong number)DEB-0:0-part1 ? <Y/n>

This SanDisc thing is the USB-Drive where i did the installation from.
It makes no difference what key you press, the message just repeats. Also there is no difference if
the stick is plugged in or not.

Do someone know whats going on there and how i can fix this?
As i mentioned befor. All my Appliance work in VirtaulMachines, as LiveDisks and EC2-images.
Its just impossible to set it up.

Check out what is inside


Assuming you have grub2 of course, and compare that to the ouptut of

ls -l /dev/disk/by-id/ata*

The First colored blue entry is what you are looking for, replace the value of Change how your disk is being mounted in fstab the default is the id change it to by-label using yast2 disk. You can try a chroot for that. We have a lot of howto in this forum for that. Grub is looking for the disk-id of the usb disk that you have used for the installation. Good luck;)

Would love to do, but i cant exit the never-ending-boot its like a frozen system. No console, no access to anything.
You start the computer, and after the Grub loader, you will boot forever.

The problem is, that it seems to wait for an input, but no matter what key you press even “CTRL+ALT+ENTF” will just repeat this message above.
So, CTRL+F1 /F2 /F3 for switching users also dont work,
As i said: He ask “<Y/n>” but you cant answer to it. Whatever you press, it repeats that message, even if it is a key combination or something.

A chroot is the only option then :wink:

There aren’t many choices in that case, I think you should chroot as


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