installing apache2

hey,am a newbie in suse 11 and am trying to install apache2 using this command #zypper install apache2 but the installation never goes past retrieving repository 'HP-BNB-Unregistered-Updates-Channel. This is the error i get: Download (curl) error for ‘$RCE/SLED11-SP1-HP-BNB-Unregistered-Updates/sle-11-i586/repodata/repomd.xml’:
Error code: Connection failed
Error message: Couldn’t resolve host ‘

I suspect some missing settings. help thank you!

This forum is about openSUSE, not SLED. I doubt people here can help you solving this problem.

thanx but where do you suggest i try?

Not sure … but you can try here: SUSE Linux Enterprise

On 06/13/2011 09:36 AM, joedavidson wrote:
> hey,am a newbie in suse 11
> 'https://SLED11

you are welcome to seek advice here, but BE ADVISED that these are the
openSUSE forums and many of the answers might be from folks who have
never run SLES/D (or maybe never even heard of it before) and you are
likely much better off if you seek assistance from the Novell forums
(where the SUSE Linux Enterprise gurus hang out), at:

you are welcome to hang out here and see if anyone has the info you
need, but you should for sure check in with the novell folks–your
ID/Pass here works there also…


i am not a linux newbie though not an expert either. but yeah i’m new to opensuse. using it as an AWS EC2 instance

how do i enable my applications running under apache2 write on the server? played with httpd.conf but seems i am doing something wrong