Installing and opening new applications

Hey there,
i am brand new to opensuse. (dual booting with ubuntu) anyways, i was wondering after you install new software via the yast software manager, where to go to locate it? i checked the application browser, and could not find what i was looking for. i tried with wine, and then a much simpler game; then re installed both just to make sure there weren’t any mistakes. so can anyone help out?

This is one of my top pet peeves about Linux, by the way, and very nearly drove me away from it when I first switched to it several years ago. What would be so difficult about a distro-specific RPM (or other package type, for that matter) displaying a “finished!” message that included the simple line, “the main program executable is /usr/bin/new_prog” or something like that? Better yet, if an icon has been placed in the GUI’s menu, saying “you’ll find it under K-Menu(or whatever)->Applications->Stuff_That_Stinks”?

You can go back into Yast, open Software management and search for the package again. Click the package, then select “file list” at the lower right of the window. Suse does highlight the executable(s) name(s) for you in that list.

>:)the k menu(or gnome)