Installing and executing PlayOnLinux


I want to install, and use PlayOnLinux on my OpenSUSE 11.1 (Gnome) machine.
I installed the software, but I can’t start it… I do not see a window with settings or anything. It just does nothing…

Does anyone has this problem too?

Thanks in advance


read this
Manual - PlayOnLinux - Play On Linux easily

if it’s not in the menu - open a terminal and type: playonlinux

Terminal doesn’t work either… Sorry, I forgot to mention…

It doesn’t work on both Gnome and KDE


How did you install?

By 1-click-install founded on PackMan :: Pakket details voor PlayOnLinux

Maybe try the forum: Les forums - PlayOnLinux - Play On Linux easily

or consider wine
help for wine: Geoff’s Linux tips - wine

The best way to get this to work properly is to install through yast, go to software management and make sure in the search window that play on linux is listed, click on install and it should work if it is installed properly it will show up in the new applications menu. make sure that you have the latest packman repositories this is what solved the problem for me.

Here an options for this app in 11.2

Playonlinux for 11.2

Hello everybody
does anyone know, if “Ghost recon advanced warfighter” runs under “play on linux”? I got it with my mainboard “Striker Extreme”, two years ago, but installed linux 10.3, not win. So it only lays around and eats grass…
It is not really important, if it would not run, but if it would work - what do I miss than:)?
greetings and thanks before.