Installing all available updates.

Hi there,
Every time when I want to install recent updates for a repository, I must scroll through all packages and check the packages with new version available. Is there any simpler way to do so? I mean how can I find the packages with newer version available automatically?


PS. I use Yast Online Update

Yast- Online Update

thanks gogalthorp,

but I just Yast-Online Update, but even when there are update availables for some package, it just shows a short list of somehow-selected patchs and updates.
Not all updates are displayed in summary tab.

Update only shows updates/fixes to packages. It will not show new versions. Also it is limited to the Suse base packages it comes from the update repo. So maybe you can be more specific.

Also, don’t forget about zypper. Open a konsole and type
su -
(enter your root password)
zypper ref
zypper up

That should do it for all installed packages.

Go to YaST>Online update and if there is no Repositories tab showing, select View and click on Repositories to make it appear (it will remain for ever unless you close it).

The first selection is @System which is everything you have installed. Select View>All in this list>Update if newer … and then Accept.