Installing 32bit libraries won't work

Hi all,

I try to get my 32bit program to work, at another post people suggest to run yast > install > select patterns > check ‘32-bit runtime environment’ > click apply.
After clicking apply nothing happens, but also no errors. When I go to install again, the ‘32-bit runtime environment’ checkbox is off.
Installing other software e.g. chromium is working well.

Is there a way to fix this, or another way to install (command-line?)

Kind regards,

If I select “Patterns” then click on 32-bit runtime environment in Yast, it list a bunch of packages.

If I check the box for 32-bit runtime, no additional packages are selected for install.

That’s possibly a bug. However, I would still be able to select individual packages from that list if I wanted them installed. However, it might not be obvious which of those you need for the software you want to use. I guess you could select them all.

Thanks, that helps.