Installing 13.1 via network CD unable to find repository

I am trying to install OpenSuSE 13.1 on two machines–a dual opteron PC (linux only) and a MacBook Pro (dual MacOS and Linux boot using refit). I burnt the 64-bit network installation CD and rebooted with it in the drive. On the PC booted and gave me the usual options; I selected check media for safety, and it loaded the kernel and checked the media and said they were OK. It then tried to locate the repositories via DHCP and seemed to succeed, and started loading the first installation package, but stayed a long time at 0%, then eventually switched to manual configuration. Manual seemed to prompt for all the right IP addresses and repository names, but then returned the error that it couldn’t find the repository. The only difference on the MacBook, using the same installation CD (refit offered booting from the CD) was that it went straight to manual network configuration, and ended up in the same way, unable to locate the repository. I have never had similar problems with network installation of earlier versions of open SuSE.