Installing 13.1 On HP Pavillion x118 Notebook

I got my HP Pavillion a1022n Desktop machine up and running on 13.1. Once I had a working graphics card all was well.

Now I want to change over a HP Pavillion x118 Notebook computer. I stared with the same DVD that I used for the desktop. But on this machine, it only gets as far as the installer screen where it hangs and I cannot select Installation (or anything else for that matter).

The computer still has Windows XP on it but that will be taken off as soon as Linux is up and running.

This machine has the following statistics:
Bios: Phoenix Technologies Ltd, KE.M1.45
Procrssor: x86 Family 15 Model 2 Stepping 7, I believe that this is a Pentium 4
Hard Drive: 37.25 GB, 16.22GB Free

Thanks for any help provided.


You might just be having the phantom floppy problem. Some systems seem to freeze a long time while hunting for the floppy that doesn’t exist, but will eventually continue on.

Check in the BIOS. Anywhere a floppy controller or floppy is enabled, disable it. If you find any floppy options, then that is possibly the problem.