Installing 11.3 issues

LIVECD of 11.3 Gnome works fine in my old PC. I installed several times and each time system freezes/crashes during boot. I am linux newbie, so, I am trying to figure out my problems.

In Livecd I noticed Hardware info list’s my SATA disk as IDE. Driver Modules: "ata_piix"Attached to: #24 (IDE interface). Is it right?

I have posted Hardware information output in 01: None 00.0: 10105 BIOS [Created at bios.186] - Suse 11.3 install problem

My machine specs are: Intel DG31PR motherboard, Intel core2duo, 3 GB DDR2 Ram, 250 GB SATA harddisk



Did you check the integrity of your CD (the md5sum)? Here’s some readings : SDB:Download help - openSUSE

I have checked the media i.e. CD it’s fine. Is ata_piix is right driver for SATA?

Try adding irqpoll to the boot options.