Installing 11.1 on to an external eSata drive?

Is it poosible to install opensuse 11.1 on to an external eSata drive? I’ve got an Acer Aspire x3300 with a full function eSata port. But Ii’s a slim casre, so i’ve got no place for another internal HDD.

I think ESata is not mor than a slot for SATA. So i think i might work this way (?).

Got somone experience with it?



I have no experience with that (beside having an eSATA port in the back :wink: ) but i guess it would be seen as an another internal disk. I don’t think there should be any problems but make sure to install the bootloader on the internal disk in case you will disconnect the external one and would want to boot to other system on the internal disk.

It should work fine - just remember to alter the boot-up sequence in your bios


What sequence must be alterd?


DO NOT alter the boot sequence, you want the bootloader installed on the internal disk and you want the BIOS to look for the hooks on the internal disk so whenever you disconnect the eSATA disk you can still boot to other systems you got on the computer.

Thx agaien,

i’ll try so on weekend and report next week.