Installing 11.1 on a Mac with a dead CD Drive

I wonder if someone has any experience in installing Suse on a PPC Mac with no CD drive?

I have a firewire HDD which I can boot from, but when I start the installation process it asks me to insert Disc 1 into the CD drive. Is there a way I can point the installer to the files on the external HDD and not look to the CD for the info?

Many thanks for any help anyone can give me.

Have a look at these 2:
Installation - openSUSE
Installation using images - openSUSE
I think the installer also lets you choose the installation source as hdd - look at the initial installer boot screen. It’s one of the F key options.
(just looked at the screenshot
Press F4 and look for hdd option.

Hmm, claims to have a network installation image for PPC but when you choose that combination you actually get the x86-64 network install image. Try reporting that bug ( and when it’s fixed see if you can get hold of a PPC network install image. If you can boot that without using a CD, you can get the rest of the distro over the LAN or Internet.

Thanks for the info guys. I downloaded the net install and set that as an image to boot from and am in the process of installing it now. 1.4gigs to go until it’s done, but fingers crossed that my dual boot OSuse & OS X is functioning in a couple of hours.

So it seems that the net install option is actually a PPC file, but it’s labeled incorrectly on the website.

Ok. So getting a little lost now. I cannot get a satisfactory boot loader setup, has anyone who has done a dual boot OSuse and OS X got any advice? Should I have one boot partition for OSuse and another for OS X? Or does one partition do for both? Sorry for the noob questions!

A net install CD image should only be around 100MB. 1.4GB+ sounds wrong.