installing 11.1 on a lenovo ideapad S10e netbook

Hi all,

I have an S10e which comes with a “One-Key-Recovery” option to restore the XP installation to factory defaults.

Is this the same software as the Thinkvantage button on Thinkpads and will i have to treat it the same way as described here:

openSUSE 11.1 Release Notes

Detecting Lenovo ThinkPad Laptops

Lenovo ThinkPad laptops have special code in the MBR (master boot record) because of the “Blue ThinkVantage button” functionality. If detecting and preparing it properly fails, it might be necessary to restore the boot sector.

If you have a ThinkPad, ensure that the bootloader is not installed into the MBR (verify it in the installation proposal!) and the MBR is not rewritten by generic code (in installation proposel select Bootloader → Boot Loader Installation → Boot Loader Options → Write Generic Boot Code to MBR – should be unchecked).

If your MBR gets rewritten, the ThinkVantage button will not work anymore. The back-up of the MBR is stored in /var/lib/YaST2/backup_boot_sectors/.

If so, and i deselect “Write Generic Boot Code to MBR” option, do i have to manually put the grub bootloader somewhere else, or will opensuse 11.1 just take care of it™ for me?

Many thanks

I don’t mean to hijack this thread, but since it’s directly related to this post, I’m hoping people who know how to restore the boot loader could state or show how to do it.

I didn’t read about this and now the issue is happening to me. I’m just wondering on how to restore it?


Just so you’re aware I ended up finding the recovery discs and reimaging my laptop again. Is there a guide on how to do this properly so I don’t have to mess it up again?


You could consider this option:Download EasyBCD 1.7.2 - NeoSmart Technologies

Grub would just go to /boot of the suse root partition

Booting is controlled from Vista Bootmanager

cheers for the info,

but as i understand it i just need some advice on what the alternative boot-loader location will do, how i achieve it, and what options YAST will offer me.

and my netbook doesn’t have vista anyway. :slight_smile:

unfortunately the article doesn’t tell me what to do with the boot loader, whether YAST will offer me any non-dangerous alternatives, and what effects this change will have on the end result.

i have always purchased linux friendly desktop components, and always installed XP leaving space free for a suse install.

now i have finally ordered a laptop/netbook which comes with all kinds of unfriendly items like wireless, webcams, and in this instance no optical drive to reinstall windows if it all goes wrong. to compound matters my laptop comes with one big C drive and a windows recovery program that may knacker a default install with the bootloader written to the MBR.

in short, if i am to risk a suse install this time around then i need a bit more information…

kind regards

Sorry, we all keep assuming you have Vista and you did actually say you have XP. I suggest you read this: Boot Multiboot openSUSE Windows (2000, XP, Vista - any mix) with Windows bootloader.

You can set grub to install as directed in the tutorial above. And manage booting of XP and Suse from windows by editing the boot.ini file in windows. (see the tutorial) You can use Suse to edit this (see tutorial)

I suggest you bookmark swerdna’s page

cheers, but i’m still trying to understand if i even have an actual problem with doing a default install with opensuse 11.1 on a SP3 XP netbook.

i personally don’t care if i bork the One Key Restore, i just don’t want to bork the whole system.

No, you will not bork the whole system, even if you put grub to MBR.

It’s at the point in the install (install summary) you can click Booting and MAKE SURE it is set to MBR.

Nothing happens until after this, so don’t worry.

The default install failed, but our resident linux genius made it work by linking Grub into the windows boot loader.

This was i believe necessary because of the One Key Restore function.

If the kernel updates then it may be necessary to relink grub into the windows boot loader by doing the following:

As root:

ntfs-3g /dev/sda1 /(user)/windows -o force

dd if=/dev/sda6 of=/mnt/windows/suse.bin bs=512 count=1