Installing 11.1 cannot mount cd:///

I keep getting an error at the part of installation where it says something about installing repositories. It says something like a file could not be found because cd:/// something couldn’t mount to some directory in /var. It then asks me to insert cd 1 and click ok.

I have only made it past that part on installation once and then later I had a similar error about not being able to mount the cd or dvd drive or something.

I am using an asus g50vt-x1 laptop and the disc drive is a combo dvd-rw/cd-rw. The OS is OpenSuse 11.1 (64). I am using an installation dvd. I checked the disc for errors and the utility said that no errors were found. I’m not sure if this is a disc drive problem or something else. I have never had any problems in Win Vista/Win 7 RC1 or Ubuntu during installs, although my disc drive has been kind of temperamental during my short time using Ubuntu.

Sorry that I can’t be more specific than that. This is my first time using Linux and I got super annoyed that it wasn’t working and just reinstalled ubuntu which didn’t have any installation problems.

Please, any advice will be most appreciated.

It does look like either the downloaded iso, or the burnt DVD is not OK. Asking for a CD to be entered is caused by not finding packages where they should be.

Well that sucks. It was a long download on an OS that I don’t have on my pc anymore so I didn’t have a backup. I verified the DVD after burning and used the Installer’s cd checking tool to check the disc and both supposedly passed. I’ll blame it on Firefox’s download manager and try to re-download it I guess. :\

Thanks for the reply.

If the installer says the media are OK, than forget about that. So, don’t download again, it should be OK.
If Ubuntu-media and others do boot, the problem is not in the drive either.

Sorry I cannot help you any further here.

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Seems to be the same problem I am having, except most of the people in that thread are using macs and I’m using an asus.

Hey I got it working! The problem was my GSA-T50L disc drive. I read on another forum that this was causing read/write errors for ubuntu users. The trick is to go into bios and change it from SATA mode to Compatibility mode. Works perfectly now. Thanks for your help, I probably would’ve just thought it a lost cause if you hadn’t said it wasn’t a bad disc drive.