Installing 10.3 on imac G4 ppc

I have an imac G4 and am trying to install 10.3 but when there is no mouse pointer on the screen at the point of installation so I can’t click any options I have tried enter and using the apple key but no success. Any ideas anyone??

Also getting a message that says "Your computer does not fulfill all requirements for a graphical installation. There is less than 96mb memory or the X server could not be started. As a fall back text front end will guide you through the installation.

But when I enter it there are no cursers to select the options. Does anyone know any hotkeys or is there another way of performing the install.

You basically just don’t have enough memory to support a graphical environment - at least not enough to do a graphical install.

You might be able to install the “minimal” desktop, which uses IceWM as the window manager if you are lucky - and even then I’m not sure, but if you use the textmode rather than the graphical mode to install with.

install textmode=1

I’m still not sure it would work afterwards, but if it did, you’d have to be very selective and run lightweight apps for sure. I’ve done this with other distro’s on ppc, but unless you like the commandline and a handful of xterms, you’ll really need to beef up that ram.