je n’ai pas de lecteur dvd sur mon laptop et je souhaiterais telecharger suse 11 sur une partition FAT32 vierge de windows afin de booter la dessus pour installer suse. Est ce possible?

Merci pour vos réponses.

Yes you can install from a hard drive. Look at Installation - openSUSE and Installation without CD - openSUSE. (you should be able to find the French translations.
Also search for hard drive or iso install options in this part of the forum.
Try for an idea and references for iso install.
You can also install from a usb stick, provided your pc will boot from it.

C’est bien possible, je l’ai fait moi-meme, mais j’n’rapelle plus exactement comment.
Je crois que j’ai cree de windows un partition lisible par LINUX sur la disque dur, puis j’ai telechargee openSuse 11.1 en format .iso
Puis, il y a un tres petit “installer” aussi en .iso, j’ai telechargee ceci et je l’ai mis sur un stick USB, puis j’ai bootee du “stick”, et indiquee l’installer ou ce trouve le grand Dvd .iso. Ce n’etait pas 100% simple, mais pas trop dur non-plus. Si tu as besoin, demandes ici, et je peut, peut-etre trouver mes “threads” sur les forums, ou j’ai demande comment faire.

Excuse l’abuse a ta noble langue, je n’ai q’un clavier anglo installe…!


Alors je viens de lire vos réponses. Donc je si j’ai bien compris je télécharge le suse 11.1 DVD format iso que je sauvegarde sur une partition windows lisible par linux.

Malheureusement avec mon maptop je ne peux booter a partir d’un port usb (toshiba satellite pro un peu ancien).

Mais j’avais déjà télécharger un outil appelé (opensuse installer) qui au démarrage me propose win xp ou installer suse 11.1

Je veux bien essayé mais une interrogation me trottine la tête. Peux on simplement booter à partir d un fichier iso sur un disque dur sans l’avoir au préalable traité?

Merci déjà pour vos réponses

J’espere que j’ai bien compris:

Vous etes offri un option “installer” quand vous bootez?
Donc tappez oui!, et dirigez l’installer vers le .iso…


Guys, may I remind you this is an English forum? :wink:

I fear that advice offered to Eclipse81 in English may not be too helpful… :slight_smile:
I notice that you are located in Belgium, I guess your French may be better than mine, if it bothers you, you could always translate…:wink:

microchip8 wrote:
> Guys, may I remind you this is an English forum? :wink:

may i remind you of our FAQ:

Welcome to the openSUSE Forums. Usually, business in our forums is
conducted in English, however many of our community members speak
other languages. If you prefer to use a language other than English,
please feel free to do so and hopefully someone will get you a reply.
… Bienvenue dans les forums ‘openSUSE’. L’anglais est de préférence
utilisé dans ces forums. Cependant, certains membres parlent d’autres
langues. Si vous désirez utiliser une autre langue, sentez vous libre
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and, others…


what’s going on?

I know that this is an english forum but When I created my account on I was redirected on this forum.

That’s why!

However I know that many french people are also logged on this forum so… I don’t know why I can’t try to get solutions of my OS problems even if I write in french (of course my 1st language is French)

Third: fOR My problem I already have installed SUSE 11.1 via server ftp but it is not stable. I have some error messages when I load it that’s why I want to do another installation but in another way.

Thanks everybody for your responses.

> However I know that many french people are also logged on this forum
> so… I don’t know why I can’t try to get solutions of my OS problems
> even if I write in french (of course my 1st language is French)

according to the FAQ you are welcome to do so…


Why do you assume that all people in Belgium speak French like there’s no other language (hint: Flanders is bigger than Wallonia, ie more people in there)? I personally don’t speak it nor write it and there are a lot of people in Flanders who don’t either, though they are a minority and I’m one of them. It gets worse in Wallonia where the majority over there don’t speak a word of Flemish. That’s embarrassing :wink:


you can remind me anytime you want. It won’t take the fact away that main language is English here so if the OP can speak/write it well, he should use it. Only if he knows absolutely nothing about and can’t express himself at all in English he may do so in his native language (or another international accepted language, if he knows one)

… back on topic now

and back off it again loz…

of course it is a silly assumption that all Belgian folks are fluent or even comfortable in French, but it is one that many of we English make.
I have even less excuse than most, being a frequent visitor. Maybe it is because I am most often working in Brussel and conduct most of my business there in The French language.
I enclose a recent photgraph, I guess that speaking French around here would not have got me very far! rotfl!

Right guys, let’s forget the language bashing and politics and get on with the original question.
If you post in both French and English, you are more likely to get a response, purely form a number of users who can speak/read English as opposed to French.
The way I understand the problem is that you have downloaded the iso file to a windows partition and now need to be able to boot the installation.
I think (From the only time I ran it in winXP) that there is an option or windows install file you can use. It basically installs the grub boot menu.
Just one tip: There are problems for the installer to open a writable part of an ntfs partition, so you are better off putting the iso on a usb stick or a fat32 partition.
If you extract the iso to the partition, you should find the windows install executable in it and be able to run it from windows.
Since you are not worried about booting from the usb stick, just extract the iso directly to the stick using whatever windows iso extractor you can find.

Yes, Brussels is an exception where the majority speak French there and in the past there were major disptues about Brussels and Halle-Vilvoorde which lies around it. It was major discussion about to whom it belongs to, the French or Dutch part, which was at the core of the problem and almost split the entire country in two… yes, I know what you’re thinking. Stupidity in this monkeyland never ends :smiley:

Nice pic, btw. What are you doing in Donk? :smiley:

yup, let’s get back on topic now :wink:

On Wed, 02 Sep 2009 16:06:02 +0000, wakou wrote:

> I guess that
> speaking French around here would not have got me very far!

I think it is fair to see that a significant portion of the audience here
speaks English as their primary language. If you are more comfortable in
French, by all means, ask your questions in French. But be aware as well
that many who might be able to answer the questions may not understand
French and so you may miss out on some advice from those who don’t speak

It’s also possible that you may see slowed response times as a result of
there being a smaller pool of people to draw the answers from.


Jim Henderson
openSUSE Forums Moderator

My apologies to the OP (eclipse) who has seen his thread disappear beneath a tidal wave of irrelevance, mainly from me.
I suggest further discussion of linguo-political issues in Belgium/Belgie/Belgique, and my reasons for visiting Donk
0r even Cymraeg/Saesnaeg etc; be continued via pm.


Just hope we haven’t scared eclipse of ever installing suse or posting posting here again!
Eclipse, let us know how you got on and if you succeeded in your install.

Hi every body,

thanks a lot for your contributions to resolve my problem.

Merci à tous pour votre intérêt à mon problème. Je peux maintenant vous écrire depuis Suse 11.1