Installer doesn't find hard disk


I’m a beginner with open SUSE, so new that I didn’t even manage to install it :wink:

My problem is this: The installation program can’t find any hard disk to partition.

Windows finds the hardware, and it’s there in BIOS. File system is NTFS.

Though, if I click on, add user settings etc, on the system overview, it tells me that I cannot install bootloader; file system is NFS"

Check SATA, IDE and RAID settings in BIOS, maybe there’s some compatibility problem.

I had this issue this week when trying an older SuSE install DVD on a new Dell Hybrid PC. The SLES 10 install CD did not recognize the disk at all. I downloaded a new Open SuSe 11.0 boot image and the newer installer recognizes the Dell disk.

Oh, you’re right fdearle, that sometimes happened with older Suse versions I somehow assumed he was using 11 so, lestranger, if you’re not, you definitely should.

I do try to install open SUSE 11

I tried to find the reason in my settings today, but no hard drive is found …

I did the firmware test in the installation program, and got the following fail/warning messages:

1 Boot device 0X80 does not support EDD
2. Failed to locate HPET base
3. Memory range 0xe8000000to 0xebffffff (0000:00:00:0) has incorrect attribute
4. The memory map has a memory hole between 15 Mb and 16 Mb
5 No SMBIOS nor DMI entry point found


  1. CPU frequency scaling not supported
  2. Zone THRM doesnt support passive tip point at all

Some basic info about my computer:

Mother board: ASUS A7S8X+MX
CPU AMD Athlon XP 1533 Mhz
512 Mb memory
1 IDE master: WDC WD800BB-22JHCO