Installer asking for Domain Info - don't know what to respond!

Hey there

I am new to OpenSUSE. Have previously used Ubuntu, Kubuntu, NetRunner, Mint and KaOS

Thought I would give Tumbleweed a spin after reading good things

However, the installer is asking me things I have never come across before with any of the aforementioned distros

Other installers recognise the Wi-Fi network and just ask me for the security key

With yours, I was firstly asked to configure the wireless networking card and specify a hostname. So I made one up and got past that stage

Secondly, i was asked to specify the domain name. I entered the IP address of the router but got an error that the required response is a mixture of letters, numbers and hyphens separated by dots!!!
I honestly don’t have a clue how to respond!

So sadly, I had to abort the install

Grateful for your advice please as I am very keen to give Tumbleweed a go!


You can pick any values, like “mylaptop” as hostname, “mydomain” as the domain.

FYI, this is not the default way to connect to networks when using a desktop. You checked the “Add online repositories …” checkbox in one of the installer’s screens, so it needs a network connection.

Another question: are you aware that TW is a rolling release? IMHO not the best choice to start. Not because it’s unstable, but because it by nature is subject to changes. Starting from a stable release would give you a better learning path about the specifics of openSUSE in relation to your knowledge in linux so far.

Hey thanks so much for the quick response
I worked out the issue was that it defaulted to static IP. When I changed this to Dynamic everything was a whole lot smoother
The point re Tumbleweed is well made
I have never used a rolling release before so this is experimental for me
I might return to the stable release like you said
I have another question which I will raise in another thread
Thanks again

The Domain is important only when you need to communicate with other machines.

If you’re in a truly enterprise managed network, the “domain” likely will be the enterprise’s network Domain name.
If you’re in a SOHO (Small Office/Home Office) network, then the “domain” will be the Workgroup name. You’ll see this as the second part of any name configured even on Windows machines. This Workgroup name enables easy access to resources on other machines.