Installed Without Wifi: Driver Problems

So I recently built a new desktop, and I’m having a bunch of problems with openSUSE. The audio isn’t working, the graphics are wonky when I log back in from sleep, I can’t install certain software (VMware Workstation), and my wifi card won’t work. Is it possible that installing without an internet connection caused some issues? Would it be easier to install Windows first to get the drivers for the new hardware?

A few notes, it seems like there are no drivers for my new wifi adapter, but I do have a USB adapter that works now, so I can get on the internet with the desktop. I guess I’m asking if I made a mistake not installing with an internet connection because of these driver problems and the new hardware. Would it help to reinstall with an ethernet connection or are these just usual Linux and new hardware issues?


That probably won’t change anything.

If you mention your WiFi card, someone might have a solution. If it is a broadcom card, then add the packman repo, and try the driver from there.

Thanks.I won’t waste my time with a reinstall then. I have an Asus pce-ac56 1300 WiFi card. It uses the broadcom chip but doesn’t seem to be supported.

Hardware details can be obtained using the following command

/usr/sbin/hwinfo --netcard

*Just the block pertaining to your wireless hardware will do.