Installed virtualbox on openSUSE11.4 (error message when opening)

I installed virtualbox.
I looked for the package on opensuse’s software search thing.
I did the one click install thing.
Then yast prompted me to put in my opensuse dvd, and I did.
Then I added myself to the users as it said to do.
Then i tried running virtualbox and i get this:

Hi there,

It looks to me as though perhaps you may be trying to run a virtual machine using the Yast Virtualization tools, which use libvirt and not VirtualBox?

Try this: From the command line (The Konsole program provides this) try launching VirtualBox, like:

your@your-computer:~> VirtualBox

If there are errors, you can post them (in text format) here - rather than the screen shot, which makes it easier for others to help.

Lews Therin

It opened. Thanks for the advice!