Installed SMILE from 1-click install(Suse 11.0)

Upon running the program, A window pops up that claims I have a dependency issue. It claims that “Mencoder” is not installed?? I checked my computer, and Mencoder is installed in /usr/bin. I even ran mencoder from the command line with no problems. Smart package manager, and yast both do not show it as installed. I am gussing that it was part of the mplayer package. What to do??

Try to re-install smile:

sudo rpm -Uvh smilexxxxxxx.rpm

If this doesnt help:

regarding deps, try to link mencoder from the install of SMILE, cant help u here, u need to find it.


install apt
then do:
apt-get --fix
I hope u get a solution.

I’d try to resolve this with yast (graphical) or zipper (command line). I’d be wary of using apt (that’s more a debian app, I think) and the experts say that smart, although good, can be easily and advantageously replaced by zypper which comes with suse by default.

Also try to avoid 1-click installs if possible. The added less-known repositories tend to create dependency issues. A cleanup of your active repositories might be in order.

Yast is very stupid.

It installs an app without its dependencies and so ruins your running operating system.

I recommend u never to use yast for installations.

Prefer cli using smart-gui or rpm directly.

I tried to re-install several times. I think the program is wacked. Mencoder is installed in the same directory as SOX…/usr/bin. How come it locates one but not the other?