Installed skype on 13.1 and now all other audio applications are broken


I recently upgraded the 12.2 distribution on my laptop to 13.1. I wanted to reinstall skype. I followed the directions given here:

After, I got Skype running, I discovered that any other audio on the computer doesn’t work. According to the Yast2 generated hardware profile, I have an Intel audio device and the snd_hda_intel is the driver. How do I fix this? I can live without skype, but I can’t live without a functioning audio subsystem. I am not adverse to backing out the packages which were needed to get the sound on skype running, but I did not note all of them.

Thanks for any help and guidance about resolving this issue.

If you close skype doe the audio come back?

Are you using pulse?

What devices is skype using (look in the options) Should be pulse audio if using pulse

If you run 64 bit be sure that these libs are installed

libqt4-32bit libqt4-x11-32bit libpng12-0-32bit libQtWebKit4-32bit xorg-x11-libs libXss1-32bit libXv1-32bit libpng12-0’

If you did not do an off line update (ie use a DVD) maybe they did not get installed

Sorry to read of your audio problems.

Its unlikely that Skype will break audio in other applications so this is a bit of a puzzle.

I recommend you install pavucontrol application and use it to tune your audio for all applications. I also recommend you double check your mixer settings to ensure they are not inappropriately lowered after your Skype session that you believe caused the problem.

There is guidance here on using pavucontrol :

If after such investigations / efforts, you still are not able to get audio working with both Skype and other applications, post here and we will try to come up with other suggestions.

Thank you for posting and participating in our forum.

Skype has been broken for some time, it has no sound on any of my opensuse boxes after a default install,
but it work after a hack I found in some forum long ago.
In the desktop app , change the command from “skype” to “env PULSE_LATENCY_MSEC=30 skype %U”
after that it works.
The user shall have a pulse server running.

According to the OP their problem is the sound works in skype but not else ware

Strange but that is what they reported

Thanks for all the suggestions everyone. I took the easy way out – I just uninstalled Skype and backed out the libraries which it needed. That fixed things. I’ll be using google’s video calling capabilities.