Installed openSUSE TW but not in grub menu list

Just installed openSUSE TW20211005 (IDK the version, only that) of Xfce desktop env., but it cannot be in grub menu list only one error on installation (but ~7 hash mismatches), kind of:

“/boot/grub2/grub.cfg cannot be in not EFI partition”
the HDD 2nd partition is ESP which by other Linux OS mounted as /boot/efi

Anyone know the definitive solution ?

  • First download an actual snapshot and use it instead of an 2 1/2 year old one
  • chose the right installation mode according your hardware: UEFI/legacy
  • chose to install the bootloader into the right partition (should be done when you use guided setup)
  • pay attention to “but ~7 hash mismatches” and don’t ignore them. Check installation media before burning/dumping to DVD/USB-Stick for correct checksum

Only replying to agree on the very stale “version” used:
openSUSE TW 2021.10.05
so … Oct 10 of 2021 … over 1.5 yrs old.

I’d be leary of ANY sort of download that old … unclear the source where you got it from, but I’d toss it. Download from the official SuSE download site and run a checksum on the download.

All way at once, put that valid DL link here ?

Seems hard:

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