Installed openSUSE 13.1 with KDE, but want to use another desktop [Enlightenment]

Do I have to reinstall openSUSE again or can I just add the desktop using Yast2 (Patterns)?
Actually, I tried this already but get lots of errors when I log into Enlightenment. Can anyone advise on using multiple desktops with openSUSE?

You do not need to remove KDE

Enlightenment take some special setup You will need to wait until some one that know arrives

OK, thanks for the prompt reply

You say YaST2 (Patterns) but I don’t see Enlightenment listed as a pattern or as a package group.

I was able to install Enlightenment very easily under 12.3 (I think just by entering ‘Enlightenment’ in the YaST search and installing everything) and, when I upgraded using zypper dup, all was fine with Enlightenment; in fact, it looks even more stunning than it did under 12.3.

Perhaps it would be helpful to give more detail about what you did because I wouldn’t wish you to miss the experience of Enlightenment (pun intended).

Enlightenment is listed as a pattern in Yast , do you need an image?

For anyone looking at this in the future, enlightenment e17 has shipped with 12.3 and 13.1 in the main repo but as there was not room on the DVD it hasn’t been included on disk. Simply adding the online 12.3 and 13.1 repositories then installing the Enlightenment pattern should be sufficient. For openSUSE 13.2 the aim will be to get enlightenment e18 or e19 if its released onto the dvd to make everyone’s life easier. You can install enlightenment e18 now from the X11:Enlightenment:Factory repo on obs if you feel up to it. Just be aware that there is a package called enlightenment in the main repository which is e16 and it has a higher version number then e18 so you will need to blacklist the version that’s at 1.0.16 before installing.


Enlightenment Maintainer on openSUSE