Installed Open Suse on Windows

Hello Guys…

I have Dell 1530 laptop which comes with windows vista. i just want to run windows xp on that but i am unable to install then what i did is just installed OpenSuse over windows vista(erased) only suse is there now i want to install xp on it but i am getting problems (windows xp CD is not detecting by suse)… any suggestion…
Thanks in advance

I’m not too sure what you’re trying to accomplish but assuming you want to run XP as a guest on openSUSE (Which is my best interpretation of what you’re asking…) then this might help: Using VirtualBox 4,Using VirtualBox 4 in openSUSE

Most people that have Windows XP on their system and want to use Linux also, install Linux alongside Windows XP and then have a dual boot system. The openSUSE installer is perfectly able to do this on a system that has XP on it.

When you did not do that and destroyed XP and now have openSUSE only, it is quite possible that you have no space left for XP. To have an XP - openSUSE multi boot, you should first install XP and then openSUSE. Not the other way around.

An alternative is what @skaterich advises. Run XP in Virtual Box.

Or, when you are only interested in a few XP applications, use Wine when those applications can run under Wine.

EDIT: you are not using XP, but Vista. Thus read Vista where I typed XP. It is all the same …

I always kind of assumed you could just shrink any openSuse partitions and install a Win OS for a dual-boot.

You can (in many situations), but it is not a trivial thing to do. While the situation that one has allready a MS OS on the system and wants to install a Linux one multi boot is often the case and thus is something many people tried to make easy and thus can easily be done with the openSUSE installer.

Also while such a Linux installer knows thata an MS OS can be there and thus take care of it, an MS installation will never understand that something not MS will be on the system (did you think otherwise?) and thus will destroy your GRUB setup (there may be more, but this is one of the more obvious things).

It sounds to me like he installed opensuse to wipe out vista so that he could then go on and install xp as vista won’t let you ‘downgrade to xp’

Now thinking he can just pop an xp cd in and run xp setup from opensuse

dhanunjayan what exactly do you want to end up with, just xp or xp and opensuse in a dual boot situation?

hcvv, I consider replacing Grub to be trivial but I’ve never had a very complicated grub.

Please reread my post. I consider the whole operation of installing a Windows OS on disk fuly used by openSUSE as non trivial (taking into account the assessment I have about the OP’s level of knowledge). The destroying of Grub is ONLY mentioned there as an side effect of installing Windows after openSUSE (regradless of the reorganising of the disk).

But when you think that it is trivial for the OP to make his system as it is now into a dual boot openSUSE/Windows system, I invite you to show and help him how to do this. Must be easy enough then.

I’ve been waiting on the OP for an update. Several posters have suggested VBox so that may be the solution or the OP may have hopped onto an IRC and gotten the problem taken care of. My first post in this thread was a “tell me if it can’t be done” and my second was “Don’t scare the guy, he can be handheld through.”