Installed on SSD, can I use my old /home and settings?

This might seem a bit stupid but I would like to retain my old /home and just use it instead of the new /home the install created on the SSD. Is it possible to migrate the settings for Leap into the old /home and boot up using it. I have already pointed Leap to the old /home but I can’t get the desktop to come up. It appears to let me log in but just goes back to the login screen once you hit enter. The only reason I’m trying to do this is to avoid having to set up all my mail and browser settings etc. Maybe it is better to start over but that will be very slow. Perhaps I should make a new /home partition and then copy the contents from the SSD to it and then transfer everything the hard way to the new /home. Is it possible to migrate?

Hi. Not a stupid question. Presumably it won’t allow a login because the name is the same but the underlying software that old home came from is different in the new version (like you are migrating from an old openSUSE or Ubuntu etc to a new Leap).

I usually do it the hard way and copy data across but sometimes I run the ISO disk and ask it not to install a new instance but to upgrade an old instance. However you’ve not done that and so the die has been cast and can’t be undone.

Regarding browser settings: you should be able to dig those out. Some browsers take the data wherever they go e.g. I use Chrome and it’s there for me in Windows and Linux anywhere in the world. Presumably Firefox and some others do that too. But if your settings are bound to your old instance, you can dig that stuff out locally and transfer it I would think. And surely your email is move-able too.

What about you tell us what your mail client is and what your browser is.

Check permissions if coming from another OS then the UID ( user ID) may be diferent

I use Thunderbird and Firefox almost exclusively. Never liked Chrome’s minimal interface.
I can copy all the hidden directories for each application but I was wondering if there was a way to fire up the new Leap using the existing data in the /home directory without manually copying everything across. I’m surprised there is no migrate script that could do most of the work for you. If you copied the new desktop settings across the old /home settings would that work or just end up in a mess?


I was smart enough to duplicate my old UID from 13.2. I had hoped I would be able to just log in and carry on… that may have been a tad optimistic :frowning:


It sometimes works.

I continued using firefox, thunderbird and chromium with settings from 13.2. But I made a clean start on most KDE applications (except akregator and kwallet – I kept those settings).

Paraphrasing Obama: Yes, you can. At least I’ve been doing it when upgrading successive versions, e.g., from openSUSE 13.0 to 13.1 or 13.1 to 13.2. But from previous experiences I first update all applications if not already updated (e.g., libreoffice 4.4 to 4.5) and rename ~/.kde* to .kde*old. This will require reconfiguring KDE to your liking again, but IME will avoid a number of problems. The old KDE directory may serve as an eventual reference for configuration, and later is deleted.