Installed new RX6900XT and it bricked my system

Decided the time was right to treat myself, so went and got a new and shiny RX6900XT.

Popped out my troublesome GTX980Ti that only wanted to run on drivers from 5-ago.

And BOOOM!:eek:

find a link to the image here

No blinking curser

Initially it would flash the desktop then drop to this screen. But now this is all I get.
Using the various boot options in GRUB has not been productive.

Given the issues others seem to be having. I appear to not be alone…
I did do a “Zypper dup” before I shut down yesterday and didn’t restart until the new card was installed.

Will probably do a fresh install as too lazy to play musical graphics cards.

(Thanks to the members here that take the time to address concerns, provide useful insight and real help to us plebs that constantly cause trouble )


P.S: On Windows10 no issues:rolleyes:. Finally able to game at 4k and my PC doesn’t sound like a jet engine getting ready for takeoff. So I know the card is fine.

Did you purge the proprietary NVidia drivers before changing the card? If not, try appending nomodeset 3 to the end of the Grub linu line after striking the E key before proceeding to boot. That may give you a login prompt from which you can make the needed purge. If you still get a black screen, you could put the old card back in to do the purge. The AMD should work automagically it NVidia drivers aren’t in the way, assuming the RX6900XT isn’t too new a model.

I guess you got bitten by the recent kernel bug:

You have 3 options:
Wait till a new kernel is released ( it will be in the next snapshot)

or add the following kernel parameter:


or this kernel parameter (you have to adopt the resolution to your monitor):


Thanks guys. Will give it a go in the morning (11pm in Australia and about to go to bed.) before I just do a re-install.

Also note, that due to my problematic GTX980Ti. I never installed the proprietary drivers.


The 5.16.10 kernel is now on the mirrors. It should solve your problem by booting as I previously instructed to upgrade.


Decided screw it lets do a fresh install. But then when booting off the flash drive there was the option to ‘*Update’

*Thought, can’t cause any more trouble than I’m already in. Now again, lazy person here. So this was the same Tumbleweed image I did my initial install on a few months ago on.
So ‘UPDATE’ is a strong word. More of a ‘Rollback’

In any event, got back to the desktop. Ran: Zypper dup. some 2,400 packages (and 1 shower later.) It’s all good.
Steam and Opera web browser decided to leave the building. But that was an easy fix.

Now to work out how to stop applications launching on my left of 3 monitors. rather than the centre one. Despite the centre one being marked as primary (XFCE desktop:sarcastic:.)

Thanks again. this command:

got me close, dropped me to the desktop for a few seconds before the F-You Bluetooth error took over the screen again.


So, now you are using 5.16.10 kernel, and not any more using initcall_blacklist=simpledrm_platform_driver_init?

A check using: uname -r

indicates: 5.16.10-1.
again after my dodgy ‘rollback/update’ there were some 2400 packages installed as part of a system update…

Though even swapping the monitor cables around. XFCE still only wants to launch full screen programs on my Left most monitor (left and right monitors are 28" 4k. while the centre is a 32" 4k.)


By what process are your displays configured to have the primary/32" in the center? Xorg.con*? Arandr (xrandr) script? Other xrandr script? XFCE GUI tool? What I’m really after here is determining at what point during startup is the positioning specified. It may be happening too late for XFCE to recognize.

Is your login greeter on the primary/32"? Left? More than one?