Installed new LEAP and "Save Session" is missing from "Power/Session" submenu in app launcher

I just installed LEAP and unlike in LEAP on my other laptop, this one is missing the “Save Session” option under the “Power/Session” submenu in app launcher. And I can’t find it anywhere (typing “session” or “save” or “save session” doesn’t find it) All I see is “New Session”

How do I get this back?

Did you set it to resume from a saved session?

If not, then do that now.

Then logout and login again. And the “save session” should then be available.

My understanding is that this was a bug in the released version of Plasma 5. When fully updated, “save session” is immediately available after seting it to resume from a saved session. But, as originally released, you don’t see that option until you logout and login again.

Thank you, this fixed it.