Installed linux opensuse 11.1, cant load windown vista

I’ve installed OpenSuse 11.1 on my computer. There was already installed windows vista.
There were some errors like “Cant load video interface”. But i have choosen KDE! Ok, i rebooted computer:
start computer
selected “windows” in the menu
selected "linux opensuse 11.1 loader (local)
And i have restored linux.
nothing about video interface, but
now, when i load computer, there is very beautiful menu:
OpenSuse 11.1
OpenSuse (Failsafe)
And nothing about Windows! I also load my dvd with linux for reinstal linux.
I can change parametrs in these points and i can load linux and login as root.
What must i do to add “windows” option in this menu and to remove linux from computer (i am gonna install it from another disk - there were errors with control summ when i was installing opensuse)
but, plz, dont say me somethin just like “remove\reinstall vista”, because i havent my disk with vista any more.
Admins, moders - sorry me, if there were topics who could help me. And sorry my bad english.