Installed latest ALSA firmware, dvd drive won't mount now

My system was working fine, along with the dvd drive, it mounted every time I booted or signed in, my sound however didn’t work. I got the sound working by installing the latest ALSA firmware which only proved results after “alsaconf” was entered into the terminal and run. Upon completing this I opened my dvd drive to pop a cd in to check speaker support. The drive immediately unmounted and then said wasn’t available to mount. Anyone experience this problem?

Which version of openSUSE are you using?

Guess what, same problem happen to me last night. Tried to get the sound working with “alsaconf” and DVD drive now won’t mount. I am using OpenSUSE 11.1. I am now having an error saying" Buffer I/O error on device sr0, sector 64 block 8. In the etc/fstab file I can’t see anything that a device sr0 is being mounted. I am new to Linux so not sure how to fix this. Googling the error message looks like a possible problem for OpenSUSE with DVD drives. Any suggestions?

I am using 11.1, but instead of troubleshooting, I just decided to reinstall the OS and start from scratch. Oddly enough the sound is working this time without any ALSA firmware installs. I don’t know why, but everything is running smoothly on the new install. The last install was only 2 days old.

I recommend you take notes (written notes) as to what you do on your PC when changing/tuning configurations. That way you will have a far superior idea as to cause and effect when things stop working.

Note there is a bug in openSUSE-11.1 wrt permissions of CD/DVD drives. Many users have had to add their regular users to group “cdrom” and also to group “disk” to get that working. I do not know if a fix has been released for this yet by Novell/SuSE-GmbH.

Same here. I re-installed OpenSUSE again and everything is working fine now.