installed jedit and docs but running jedit docs and tips not found

Hi I’m new here please help. I installed the jedit app from yast and the docs that went with it but when I run jedit it comes up with docs and tips not found ?
I have no idea where to look or how to fix it and attach docs to app even if I did know where it was installed.
Thanks in advance

Docs are usually separate try

man jedit

from command line

Also if ou look the package up in Yast Softwae Management on bottom right one of the tabs list all the files and locations

Reminds me of this:

The bug report is here:

Unfortunately the maintainers have not commented there, maybe because it has been filed against “KDE4 Applications”? :\

I’ve found man pages are not usually what is installed by the docs package. I’ve also generally found the files can be in any of a variety of text formats.

Although docs are typically all installed in the same general location, I don’t assume that is always the case so I do a specific search every time I want specific docs.
And, I always assume that I have to browse directly to the location manually to read the doc files, I hardly ever assume that an app will provide a way to easily invoke with a click.

So, my SOP
1. Locate the files. This can be done one of two ways, listing the doc package contents or searching the entire system using keywords
Method 1 - Inspect the package contents

rpm -ql *packagename    *

Method 2 - Locate the files using a keyword (typically the app name)
Install the utility “locate”

zypper in mlocate

Update the database (which is automatically done every 24 hrs but we don’t want to wait)


Search for any files with the app name

locate *appname  *
  1. Once the files are located, open the files using any appropriate app, ie a text app for regular text(can be a GUI text app like Kate or Beaver or a console app like cat) or a web browser for html files or a PDF viewer for PDF, etc
 viewerapp filename