Installed but can't login, says "Login failed"

I installed SUSE 11, a fresh install on a completely blank (low-level formatted) drive. I installed with KDE 3.5 since I’m a n00b to Linux. The installer appears to finish and goes to the GUI login page. Every time I enter the name and password I created it says “Login failed”. When I reboot the machine (I set the BIOS back to boot from hard disk) it says that the previous installation failed, would you like to continue? I put the disc back in and let it finish. I get back to the GUI login and again, “Login failed”.

What am I doing wrong?? Probably a chair-keyboard interface malfunction. I did verify the md5 sum of the ISO before I installed just to make sure!

What I do not understand is why do you change the boot devices in the BIOS ?
If the CD or DVD is the first boot device than normally the HD is
the second boot device.
So if you take out the cd or DVD it boots from the hd
If you change the boot order the devices letters could change too

10.2 - New Install: Can’t Login - Linux Forums

This worked for me, just hitting ctrl-alt-f1 at the GUI login and manually adding the user. I was able to login as root with the password I had created during setup. It said it would make a login but it didn’t. You could also just try putting root in as the user at the GUI login I imagine.

Again, probably a chair-keyboard interface malfunction :wink: