Installed additional harddrive, need to create relative path

We have a system which we added a new harddrive to. The new harddrive is for backups and is located at /backups/

The problem is that the installed application we use only lets us specify a directory under the main part of the program which is :


Is there a way to specify /usr/local/Program/backup is really /backups ?

Thanks in advance.


I think you want to create a symbolic link. First make a backup of the original directory, just in case
> sudo mv /usr/local/Program/backup /usr/local/Program/backup.old
then create the link using the ln command
> cd /usr/local/Program
> sudo ln -s /backups backup

That should do it. Reply back if that is not what you wanted.

Sounds like the use of a symlink

ln -s /usr/local/Program/backup /backups

ls -s (symbolic) (link from) (link to)

so if the code is correct, for all intent and purposes when you go to /usr/local/Program/backup you are actually going to /backups.

You could also just mount the drive as /usr/local/Program/backup so when it’s mounted you have that directory going to the hard drive.

Thanks for the quick help! I’ll try that, and remember it’s a ‘symbolic’ link!

Looks like dragonbite and I both had the same idea, but I think the syntax is backwards on his. I believe you want to do

ln -s /backups /usr/local/Program/backup

This should create the link named backup in the directory Program to point to the mount /backups, which is I believe what you wanted.

You may be right. I was doing this from memory.

I got this from Wikipedia

ln -s target_filename symlink_filename