Installed 11.1, got 11.2

This is more an annoyance and wanting to learn from my mistake that a “production problem” per se. 2 or 3 weeks ago I downloaded and burned the openSuSE 11.1 32 bit x86 iso. Last night I installed it; a fresh install on a machine that had formerly been running openSuSE 9.x or 10.x. During installation I cherry picked what apps & services I wanted… the machine is to be a firewall with minimal services running. I was surprised when the installation completed to see it’s running 11.2, Milestone 4.

I’m not a guru, but I’ve installed openSuSE on a number of machines since v8.x or so, as well as Red Hat/Fedora and Ubuntu. So far the configuration is going well other than “ifconfig” wouldn’t rename one of 3 network adapters so I had to use “ip address…”. I would rather have been on a stable release, but it’s my home network’s firewall so I may live with 11.2 if it’s reliable.

Has anybody run into this or have an idea where I may have told the installation to update to 11.2?

I think you mistakenly downloaded the M4 ISO. That’s the Milestone edition that would have been out at that time.

That’s the only way that could have happened without adding the 11.2 repos to Yast, which you surely would have remembered doing.

Stick the disk in the drive and open it with dolphin. You should see what version it is.

Sorry I’m so late on the response, but thanks for your answer. I redownloaded the ISO, burned a new DVD, and 11.1 installed just as I originally expected. I don’t know how I downloaded the wrong ISO but apparently I did.