Installation without Internet?

Hi, I boot from openSUSE Live DVD and want to Install openSUSE to my HDD but I can not connect to Internet! How can I install it without Internet?

Download and use the full DVD, not the Live (which only contains the NET installer and no actual rpm packages for space reasons, i.e. it does require online repos for installation)

PS: Up to openSUSE 13.2, the Live installer just copied the CD’s content to the hard disk (so it worked without a network connection), but that has been changed to use the standard NET installer because it caused its own share of problems and was unmaintained anyway.

A word of advice,
Even if you install without a connection to the Internet,
At least set up a working network connection in your home network if you can.

During a typical installation,
The installer will execute device detection and configuration automatically installing and setting up a network configuration.
This is best done by the installer,
If later you instead attempt to install and configure a network device, it’s not nearly so automatic and easy.


I doubt there is much difference whether you had a network connection during installation, or only add it later.

The kernel actually detects all hardware dynamically anyway, and how to do the network setup is the same too (and with DHCP, you shouldn’t have any need for manual configuration anyway, just plugin a network cable and the connection should be there).

I agree, correct. In fact, I most often disconnect from the network to do the install, preferring not to run any updates until installed and running.

Awhile back, maybe a couple or so years ago, on a couple earlier openSUSE versions, I found it could run into problems trying to do the updates during install. I could only do those installs with preventing all updates, then updating afterwards.