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I have this problem with a lot of distros that I try run as a live dvd/usb. Im not sure if its the UEFI settings or just my hardware being rubbish.

I recently bought a dell inspiron 15r and my old sony vaio does not have any problems installing any linux.

It does not matter what linux distro I try run or install, I can get to the grub loader and begin the install and either run into errors or it will run so far and just stop.

Heres a screenshot of my latest error trying to run a live dvd of openSUSE.

Keep in mind that I got Zorin os and Manjaro running without much of a problem. Thinking of returning this laptop, my head is wrecked!

I’m not finding a screenshot anywhere.

There did appear to be an image link, but it takes me to a login screen and I don’t have an account at “”.

Sorry, but at present there isn’t enough information.

Sorry about that. Is there any way I can upload a snapshot from my computer onto this? I only see options to insert a url. I tried looking up on this but there doesn’t seem to be anything about it.

I’m sure the screenshot will help, and I don’t want to set up an account with photo bucket just to upload one picture so I can post a link!

Try uploading to

Cheers nrickert that’s a handy tool.

here it is :

I’m not a hardware expert. But it does look as if there are problems reading the disk. I think it is problems reading the install device, which I take to be a USB.

In my experience, booting a USB (and perhaps a DVD) can be a bit tricky. If I plug in the USB before I reboot, it is usually okay. But if I plugin while it is rebooting, the BIOS can get confused. When I make that mistake, I so CTRL-ALT-DEL to start the reboot afresh.

Microsoft has apparently dictated that initialization of USB devices be delayed for the operating system. But if you are explicitly telling the BIOS to boot USB, then it should be initializing the USB properly anyway.

My guess is that you really do have a hardware problem.

If you are able to get hold of Windows install media on USB, see if you can boot that. And if you cannot, then Dell support will pay more attention for Windows problems than they will for linux problems.