Installation to a USB stick using Suse Studio Image Writer

The LiveCD’s are hybrid iso images as well, probably why it’s not
working for you.

You should jump onto and build your own, here you
can create all sorts of different images, eg preload iso image to just
install (an OEM version sort of deal), vmware images etc.

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Using image writer is actually the simplest method. In the box where it asks for the file name type in . and hit enter. All your files will show up. Choose your .iso file and click “Write”. I have done it on a couple different usb drives with no issues. That is using image writer for windows. The thing that took the longest for me was the iso download. Good luck. :slight_smile:

don’t overthink it
i tried to dd to /dev/sdb1 b/c that’s what I thought was my usb stick
but it’s just /dev/sdb, using the 1 made it unbootable,
sudo fdisk -l showed /dev/sdb1 as bootable,
but you want /dev/sdb to be bootable
maybe that will help someone