Installation system does not match your boot medium


This afternoon I downloaded iso image of the latest Leap 15.0 Beta which is Build 187.1, NET install version dated March 31, 2018.

When I ran the CD, the following message appears on the screen:

Installation system does not match your boot medium.  Sorry, this will not work.

Any reason why there is a mismatch?

I would very much appreciate your suggestion to resolve this problem. Thanks a lot for your help.

  1. Did you run the checksum before burning to disk?

  2. What was the exact command you used to burn the ISO to disk?


No, I did not. I could not find the SHA256 checksum file on the download page in order to verify before burning the iso.

I use a program called ImageBurn on my Windows 7 machine.

Are you using the real openSUSE repositories?

I use a program called ImageBurn on my Windows 7 machine.

Much simpler to use “dd” and there seems to be a MS Windows version:


I had used a link from one of the moderators in the forum. Anyway, after going to the official site I was able to download the latest build which is 189.1, verified the checksum and burned the iso image.

Installation went relatively smoothly. However, after the initial reboot the screen just froze. Had to reboot the second time. Got the large desktop image for KDE, also got the login screen but could not enter my password. I then had to reboot once more then boot into recovery mode. Finally was able to log in. Went into /etc/default/grub to enter desired screen resolution of 1024x768x16, saved and updated grub.cfg file. I also briefly ran into some problem in Application Menu, where for example when I hit System another uni-color menu shows up without any items on it like konsole, etc. I had to retry once more before succeeding.

I hope from now on everything runs smoothly for my PC. Touch wood!

I spoke too soon. Just reboot again. Got a login screen and a mouse arrow but could not enter password. Had to reboot again then boot into recovery mode in Grub menu before I was able to log in.

No problem signing in today. Did not need to boot into rescue mode!