Installation Suse 11.1 - after kernel load complete darkness

today i installed windows 7 on my computer and now i want to install as my secondary OS Suse 11.1. The Problem is, when I boot up via the CD the normal menu comes up (with Boot from Harddrive, Installation etc. options).
Now I choose Installation and the Loading bar “Loading Kernel” comes. After finishing loading the kernel everthing goes black and never comes back so i see anything…only chance I have to do anything is shutting down the laptop via the Power button.

My system is a Asus X56T notebook with an ATI NVIDIA 3650 graphicscard. SO it is not the nvidia driver problem I read many threads about :frowning:

I also tried typing in 3 in Bootoptions which resulted in a short blinking of some command lines after kernel loading and then going black - so no chance for me to get the installation running…

Has anyone an idea how I can overcome this problem? I need this OS only as a second OS cause of my studies…

thx in advance an greetings

You might mean that darkness comes while trying to install the operating system. In that case use the F3 button to choose either Vesa graphics or text-mode for the installation.

OR you might mean that the install went fine but after the installation is finished, when you boot up, it just boots to darkness. In that case you need to install the ATI drivers.

I say ATI drivers because you said “ati nvidia 3650” and that confused me, maybe you mean the ati 3650 card?

Whops, sorry I think it was a little too late so I mixed NVIDIA into the sentence where it does not belong…You’re totally right, my graphics card is an ATI 3650 (without the stupid NVIDIA in it xD)

I am going try your hints immediatly, hoping it’ll work…