Installation stops with a full green line


I downloaded the Leap 15 iso and tried it in Virtualbox, it installed without problems. Now I created a usb stick (and verified the image) and used it on bare metal, with an AMD processor and video card (Radeon R7 200 series). It boots ok with options. I tried a normal install, but it stops with a green bar on the bottom of the screen. Esc gives the message ‘loading basic drivers’, Alt F4 gives info about the drives, Alt F3 about the system and it end with ‘insmod error:1’

I tried NOACPI as parameter, I tried to install in text mode, I tried to verify installation media, I get no further than a green line at the bottom of the screen. The installation is legacy, not UEFI.

Any help is welcome.

Perhaps try adding “nomodeset” as a kernel parameter.