Installation screen jumbled with OpenSUSE 11.4 Live KDE CD

Hi all,

I’m having a lot of trouble installing OpenSUSE 11.4 on a home PC. Currently the PC has Windows Vista and I’ve convinced the owner to let me put Linux on it. When I boot from the Live KDE CD, though, it fails to function properly. I can see the screen where I choose whether I’d like to install, boot from the CD or boot from the hard drive. No matter what I choose, the screen afterwards is unreadable - it’s all kinds of jumbled, unreadable lines. The problem appears even if I change the resolution to all kinds of other resolutions. If I go into text mode and say that I’d like to install, it goes through a startup routine that looks like I’m starting the computer completely in text mode. Afterwards it wants me to log in, and I can logon as root and perform commands, but I’ve got no way that I can see of installing it on my system’s hard drive so that I can have it boot OpenSUSE from the HD. Does anybody know anything more about this problem? The computer’s not that old, it’s a four year old Gateway.

Thanks a bunch!

Can you tell us exactly what graphics this old Gateway has ?

Try booting with the boot code “nomodeset” (no quotes) in the options line of the screen that you noted you can see (that is called the grub boot menu). That will disable some of the graphics automatic detection which is not working for you, and fall back to using a different graphic driver.

If you look at the grub boot screen you will see there is a menu selection (F3 maybe ? ) where you can choose “SAFE SETTINGS” . You can also try booting the live CD with that.

Finally, if you wish to try installing from a text mode (which is perfectly acceptable) there is guidance here: Text mode install from liveCD

Thanks, that worked like a charm for installing! The only problem is, now it’s the same when I start up the now-installed system.

If I use the same parameter in GRUB it’ll start, but it would suck to have to type that in every time you start the computer. Is there perhaps another way?

Here’s the rest of the info on the box:
Computer name: Gateway GT5670
Graphic card: Nvidia GeForce 6150SE
Processor: AMD Phenom 8400

Hi, yes you can “automate” that.

Use YAST. (you have to become root for that).

Under the “System” tab on the left, you can edit the bootloader (on the right).
Open that, “edit” the boot option you want to change and add the “nomodeset” option there.

Just be sure not to change anything else.



Follow lenwolf’s advice for having nomodeset sent each time. Perhaps BEFORE you follow his advice, make a back up copy (using root permissions) of the file /boot/grub/menu.lst. When followinging lenwolf’s suggestion, YaST will change the /boot/grub/menu.lst file, and if for some reason your edit messes things up, you can always restore to the older setup by a simply text copy operation.

OK, when you use the boot code ‘nomodeset’, your PC boots with the older “nv” opensource driver (as opposed to the newer “nouveau” graphic driver which was not working for you).

You could also consider installing the proprietary nvidia graphic driver which typically has significantly superior video performance. Post here advising if you need help on how to do that.