Installation question (YAST)

I’m a newbie of a few hours old, so excuse my ignorant questions. (This is quite different from Ubuntu and Kubuntu.)

I’ve just done my repo updates. Is this what its supposed to look like?

And my second question is: I did a hardware probe in YAST and the prompt got stuck at 49% and refuses to close. Is this normal?

Your list of repos looks fine.

Next time you can make it easy for yourself not to upload a screen picture, but copy.past the output of

zypper lr -d

And put that (like I did here) between CODE tags:

And for the hardware probe. It is difficult to say why it hangs. But my personal opinion would be, as long as everything works to your satisfaction, do not bother. But a direct aswer is of course: “no, it is not normal”.

We could try to help you breaking it of, but I guess that it will vanish when you log out.

How do I determine which Nvidia driver to install? I have two GTX 460s but I am not sure if they fall under “x11-video-nvidiaG02” or the other options.

It appears that you have packman twice. Your screenshot shows “Packman Repository” and “packman”. You can disable or even remove one of those in YaST’s Software Repositories.

Unless have a GPU which is now already several years old you won’t have to worry about legacy or FX-series drivers. Your GPU definitely falls under G02 (“…GeForce 6xxx and newer GPUs”).

Sorry, I missed that one. I may not be used to grab derious information from such GUI windows. As said, when you realy want advice on your repos, post the output of

zypper lr -d

We can then see if these two are in fact the same (looks verylikely as Lord-Emsworth says).

On 02/01/2012 08:36 PM, Forkjulle wrote:
> I’m a newbie of a few hours old, so excuse my ignorant questions.

no such thing as a stupid question…but, there is such a thing an being
ignorant of the norms of a forum…and you showed that by posting to
the wrong place…

suggest you become familiar with all the forums available here by
reviewing this page

and note that some of the links there will open to a list of
forums…like found under the link reading “Community & Fun” is a list
of six forums which are not used for technical questions like the one in
this thread…

hang in, you will get the hang of it…

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